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MM 332:
Electronic Design and Layout

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FAcade of the San diego Museum of Art

Final class: Change of time.

Please disregard my earlier request to arrive at 8am.

Our final class is at 1pm in rm 142, Spectrum Center.

Apologies for the mistake.



Welcome to MM 332: Electronic Design and Layout

This class is an introduction to layout design for print that covers typography, layout theory, pre-press production and project management. It also emphasizes practical development techniques to produce digital visual images efficiently. Software instruction is in Adobe Illustrator.

Some of the questions we will be asking in this class are, how do the elements, practices and techniques of layout combine to become eye catching designs? How can we manipulate these elements to maximize our ability to communicate effectively? How can we use language more effectively? Can we use of a visual language as well as a written one? When is it appropriate to put type at the core of a design and when is it appropriate to put an image there instead?






 What's Due

Poster project
Due Date: 8/28/2004


 Next Class

Monday, Aug 23
Rm. 142
Spectrum Center

Wednesday, Aug 25
Rm. 142
Spectrum Center

Saturday, Aug 28
8:30 am-Noon
Rm. 142
Spectrum Center



Prof. Perry Vasquez
OH: by appt.
(619) 683-2480